Plan posts in a few steps?

Is it possible? Yes it is!

Depending on your company niche, it may be possible for you to make post weekly, bi-monthly, monthly?

Take out your calendar, we’re starting now!!!!!!


1- Highlight the important days for your company, public holidays or other highlights.


2- Choose photos, or take photos of your products in lifestyle for each post established.


3- Compose brief, relevant, eye-catching captions with some relevant #hashtags.


4- Program it all via the app of your choice: Facebook Planner, Hootsuite, Planoly,…


And that’s it!!!! You’re done!

All you have to do after, is to stay present, respond to comments, interact with your audience 🤳


PS: a little trick, vary your content between photos, Reels, videos, carousels to keep your audience interested.